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2 February 2021 - 5 February 2021
MariMatch@SMM 2021

!!! MariMatch@SMM takes place February 2-5 2021 with pre-booked virtual meetings. Please be aware that registration closes before the event starts, February 1st 23:59 CET. Meetings can be booked by registered participants until February 5th, noon. Only confirmed meeting requests will be scheduled. We recommend to register with only one participant per company, it is possible to invite additional persons to the e-meetings. Registration of multiple profiles per company will only be activated if each of the cooperation profiles has a clearly defined focus. Please read "How it works" first!!!

On the occasion of SMM Digital 2021, the leading international maritime trade fair, Enterprise Europe Network Hamburg invites you to participate in the international virtual B2B-Networking-Event MariMatch!

This event has been designed as a partnering platform for visitors and exhibitors of SMM, offering an opportunity to meet potential partners for new business, for R&D projects and to expand your network in the maritime sector.

Virtual B2B-Networking

Representatives of companies, startups, associations, universities and research institutes offering or searching for innovative solutions, investigating new collaborations and looking for adequate project partners will get a great opportunity to discuss their ideas in pre-arranged 20-minutes e-meetings. Register now and boost your business with support of Enterprise Europe Network!


Offers and requests for innovative maritime solutions e.g.

  • Sustainability in maritime industries
  • Digitalisation and Automation
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Alternative propulsion and reduction of emissions
  • Biobased materials and circular economy in shipbuilding

Matching with international partners within all categories present at SMM

  • Shipbuilding and shipyard industry
  • Ship equipment
  • Propulsion and electronics
  • Marine interiors
  • Port technology & cargo systems
  • Maritime services
  • Shipping business and charterers
  • Marine technology

EU-funding advice

In cooperation with NCP „Shipping and Maritime Technologies“ we invite participants of MariMatch@SMM 2021 to learn more about European funding opportunities for maritime research, development and innovation projects. Book a meeting with our experts:

About Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond. Bringing together around 600 business support organisations from more than 60 countries our experts can help you to find international business partners, source new technologies and receive EU funding or finance. And they can advise you on issues so diverse as intellectual property, going international, or EU law and standards. Have a look at the wide range of services offered free of charge here.


MariMatch at SMM is supported by:

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Participants 617
Meetings 807
Germany 111
Spain 54
China 53
United Kingdom 42
Türkiye 40
Italy 39
Netherlands 39
Poland 24
Greece 22
Finland 21
Denmark 21
France 19
United States 17
Lithuania 15
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Tunisia 1
Bahrain 1
Total 630
Manufacturer 157
Service Provider 123
Maritime Innovator 84
Supplier 67
Other 62
Research Partner 31
Consultant 30
Distributor / Agent 29
Authority 17
Shipyard 15
Shipping Company / Shipowner 14
Port or Terminal Operator 1
Total 630